Monday, February 25, 2008


Thought it was worth a note.

I'm pretty much done with the first two sections. No real "rewriting", there: editing to smooth out the flow of prose, spellchecking (aargh, nightmare!), fixing a couple of minor continuity points. Very little new material, and nothing removed (a word here, a phrase there).

Part III is going to be a different story. In fact, when I'm done with it it'll be a quite different story.

I started on it last night. The first half of Part III sees mostly minor changes on the same order as Parts I and II. I may expand some of the sequences where Akshedhen and Co. are dodging Locusts all over the plain; it still feels to me like that whole part takes much less time than Part II, which is supposed to be contemporaneous. Besides, there's potentially some good action in there.

But it's the second half, after A. gets to the Delta, that's really going to need work. I have to redefine A's emotional trajectory, extract genuine repentance, and make his willing support of the Delta convincing. To that end, I think I'm going to expand his visit to Ahon Sarkhamine and present him with a real choice, not a premade one.

Insh'allah, by the end of March, I'll be done with the rewrite. Then I'll run it by Steve P. one more time, and then...

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