Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And for the next rewrite...

Part III is going to take some rewriting. I let Akshedhen off way too easy; it's starting to bother my conscience. So, go back and put him through the mill. That will make it longer-- maybe not a whole lot longer, though.

Forgiveness? No. Atonement, maybe.

It's kind of inexcusable that I didn't deal with it at the time. I was tired, burned out, and it was emotionally difficult material. I should have either not pushed so hard, or taken a serious break. Chalk it up to the learning process; nothing's final yet anyway.

This is precisely the point of my post about aphorisms. Add another to the set: Haste makes waste.

Steve P. is already pushing for me to write it into a 2-book series. Probably someone will suggest the T-word. (Did you ever stop to wonder what the world would be like if LOTR had been published as a 4-book series?)

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