Monday, March 3, 2008

There will be a sequel

though I have no idea when and very little idea of what's going into it.

Here's what I know so far: The main character will be a half-Kesset, half-Ta'arane girl who is the granddaughter of Gidhambal, the Iron Man of Ahon Sarkhamine who makes a brief appearance near the end of Drumheart. I'm expanding that section. It'll turn out that G's daughter had an affair with a slave in her husband's household. She's dead and the father was sold to the mines.

At G's request, A. takes the girl (legally a slave-- G. doesn't want her to grow up in Ahon Sarkhamine) away to the Delta. She'll grow up as a Drummer. She'll be the main character in the sequel, which I'm calling Iron Girl for the moment.

Iron Girl may incorporate some material that I originally developed for the short story "Fear the Dark", which has mostly been assimilated into the first part of Drumheart. Or maybe not. I have no idea right now.

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