Wednesday, November 7, 2007


You'll notice the initial word count in the sidebar and the November cumulative total no longer sum to the current total. That's because I tossed a (small) chunk I'd written from Akshedhen's point of view, as an interlude. I found ways to incorporate that information into Nitsur's narrative.

This multiple-first-person narrative is an interesting challenge. It's helped structure my writing, in that I really feel motivated to finish Nitsur's part before I try to start Mafileo's part: hard to be inside too many heads at once. It also means I'll have the opportunity to revisit some of the events I'm writing now from other viewpoints. In particular, the temple scene (which should be coming right up in the next few days, exciting!) ends Nitsur's section, but I'll probably write it again from Mafileo's perspective.

The downside is that there are bits I'd like to cover that I can't seem to find a way to. For example, I really wanted to explore the Old Man cult and their power-brokering and decision-making methods, but that's not going to happen in Nitsur's track. As secretive as the old men are, and him being a slave, there's just no scope for him to observe one of their meetings or some such thing. I'll have to see if I can find some opportunity for Akshedhen to have that experience, maybe after Nitsur and Mafileo escape.

Sad today for reasons I won't discuss. Luckily I had a very sad piece of writing to do: Hingol's death and funeral, as witnessed by Nitsur. I'll have to revisit it in a few days and see if the writing's any good.

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