Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Religious conflicts

Grappling with religious conflict between the Kesset and Ta'arane; among the Ta'arane; among the Kesset. I'm not doing justice to Woneiyal religion right now; much simpler to write Nitsur as a basically agnostic observer with all these other sets of beliefs swirling around him. Have to address his beliefs in other sections.

I'm realizing that part of Akshedhen's character arc will be coming to terms with at least some of the Old Man aspects. He doesn't realize the value yet. Charisma and persuasiveness shade easily into manipulation and coercion, but the converse is the ability to get people moving and pointed in the right direction. Akshedhen will leave Ahon ken Tai without having received most of the Old Man training, but he'll reconstruct a lot of it from having observed his father.

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