Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To-do list

To do after I finish the rough draft, but before I send to alpha readers:

Expand the section on Nitsur's training by replacing exposition with scenes that illustrate the principals. Ideas: Hingol plays at a variety of village events; conversations between him and other villagers

Rewrite Mafileo's part 3. Too dialogue-heavy and not ringing true emotionally. She should be angrier and more damaged. Difficult writing. If I write the end of her part first, with what happens in the Delta, I think I'll be able to see how to get there.

Still averaging >2000 words per day. Last night I wrote Akshedhen and Co's escape from the city while the Locust People attack completely in my head: wrote it down this morning and it came to over 1700 words. Good stuff, but fairly gruesome.

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Edward Ott said...

Always fun to read another writers method of writing. finished a short story yesterday and did a little dance. now just have to start the rewrite.