Monday, November 19, 2007


I now have over 50,000 words written, including the 12,000-plus I had at the beginning of the month. I'm not half done. I think I'm close to half done.

It looks like we're not going to the coast after all, but I'm still taking the next couple of days off for the heck of it.

If I can keep this up for 11 more days, I will finish the month with a total of well over 70,000 words. Then I'll have a decision to make. Back off from it and get back into the poetry groove? Or forge ahead and try to finish the rough draft? Watch this space...

Something else to note: After a scare about the home computers, I've uploaded all my Drumheart files as Google docs. Let them worry about backups. The only drawback is that some weird things happened with the formatting: I lost all my tab-indents and I got a weird mix of fonts. Some of this is probably due to the way my docs have been shipped back and forth between OOWriter's .doc format and genuine MSWord format (I have to figure out how to get all the quotes to line up...), but some is just GoogleDoc weirdness. Probably what I should do is download them all into one format, fix whatever needs fixing, and then do copy/paste instead of upload to get the fixes back into GoogleDoc.

One more note: My typing speed has gone way up since Nov. 1. Unfortunately, so has my error rate. I'm going to have to spellcheck the whole thing at some point-- and then I'm going to have to proofread it...

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