Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Supporting characters I

Hingol is Nitsur's drumming teacher. A large middle-aged man whose easy-going manner hides passionate beliefs. He will be the first to articulate the importance of speech to humanness. Hingol is a strict taskmaster and a perfectionist despite his relaxed demeanor. He will only appear in flashbacks of Nitsur's childhood, but he has been a powerful influence throughout Nitsur's life.

Vannasen is Akshedhen's father. He is also the head of the Red Goat clan and a powerful force in Kesset politics. Late middle age. Vannasen was a strict but loving father in Akshedhen's childhood, but is growing tyrannical and arbitrary as the vigor of youth leaves him, which Akshedhen attributes to the influence of the Old Man.

Kaspell is Akshedhen's closest friend and will go with him into exile. He is Akshedhen's age and shares his opinions; a follower rather than a leader. Kaspell is distinguished by an unusual streak of kindness.

Astirama'a is the priestess who trained Mafileo in the dance arts (and in the fighting arts which are hidden in the dance). She was killed in the raid in which Mafileo was captured. Astirama'a advocated resistance to the Kesset and that the Ta'arane should learn the use of iron weaponry, but was opposed by the more conservative priestesses.

Waïlaraitēo is the surviving senior priestess of the Delta. She is an older woman who has lost most of her family to the Kesset. She is fiercely conservative and resists all change, associating it with the bad things that have happened to her and her family. She will lose a duel to Mafileo.

Machion is a Woneiyal boy who joins Mafileo and Nitsur on their journey to the Delta. His village was destroyed by fire and he was unable to find his family (if they survived). He is an excellent hunter and tracker in the forest and adapts well to the Delta. At first withdrawn and near-speechless, Machion will become Mafileo's apprentice and the next Dancer. As one of the younger characters, he'll also exemplify the innovative and synergistic culture evolving in the Delta region.

Che'atamaï is a Ta'arane girl raised in the Delta. She is fearless and inquisitive. She will become Nitsur's apprentice and the next Drummer, another synergy character.

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