Sunday, March 23, 2008

Iron Girl

I have some ideas for things that may happen in the next book, though none yet for what the main story thread is/are likely to be.

Given that Tamishena is the main character, the developing relations between the Delta and Ahon S. are likely to be important. I see an uneasy alliance, always strained over the issue of slavery. During the course of the novel, relations may break down completely.

Gidhambal is now a very old man, perhaps blind or in failing health. Tami will go visit him, though it's not entirely without risk to her. He doesn't recognize her, or mixes her up with his long-dead daughter when he's not entirely lucid.

Another thread: I think Tami will be one of the main players in the development of a true battlefield art that uses pasaƶrana'e principles. She of course is fostered by A. and S. and wants to go into the guard. The priestesses identify her talent and want to train her as a priestess or as a Dancer. N. and M. will be involved in this somehow. Tami will bridge the two in some way. Perhaps an attempt is made to kidnap/enslave her in Ahon S. Perhaps it's even successful, and she's forced to develop the art in order to survive. Perhaps she takes over an entire tribe of steppe nomads.

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