Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Started editing

There's not as much to do as I thought, or else I'm just not seeing it. As Steve said, the first couple of chapters needed the most work.

Maybe only a few more days of this.

I'm getting irritated with Google docs format issues: It keeps inserting these extra blank lines that I can't get rid of and that propagate through the text. What's worse is, you don't see them online, but when you download the doc as Word, there they are and they cannot be removed by any normal editing. Bother. Also, downloading into Word sometimes resizes parts of the text. And you can insert page breaks into Google docs, but they apparently don't download either. And the paragraph indents look fine in Google docs, but in Word they turn out to be weirdly irregular.

The upshot is, I think I'm just going to have to download the rough draft as Word and fix all the formatting stuff by hand, and email it to my alpha readers instead of sharing the Google docs. That's so early-twenty-first-century. It's a pity, because the docs actually look fine online-- but if they want to download the docs either to read offline or to print out, I can't guarantee the results will be at all workable.

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