Thursday, December 6, 2007


Lord, I am tired. Half of me wants to race ahead and get this thing done; the other half wants to take it slow. 2000 words a day: if I can keep that up, insh'allah I'll be done by the end of the month.

It's eaten my brain. I haven't written a line of poetry in weeks, except for 3 Word Wednesday haikus. Thank God for Serif, it gives me something to do that's not words.

I've pretty much lost track of what I think are the good parts. I think when I'm done with the rough draft I'm just going to put it away and not touch it for about two weeks; then make an editing/rewriting pass; then hopefully send it around to my alpha readers. Sometime I have to get back to rebuilding my poetry and bringing readers back to KFI.

50,000 words? What were those people at NaNoWriMo thinking? This novel is going to easily come in at twice that. I think I'm getting close to the end of Mafileo's part, but Akshedhen's is already at over 10,000 words and he's just getting started.

Section titles (tentative):

DRUMSPEAKER: NITSUR working title: Fire & Silence
PATTERN TRANCE: MAFILEO working title: Spark of Sun
TRIPLE BRAID: AKSHEDHEN working title: New Paths

I like these better than the section titles I've using, I like "Triple Braid" especially, because I think I'm going to have to have the other viewpoint characters tell some of the events in that section. Hoping to avoid, or at least minimize, the back-and-forthing.

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