Monday, December 10, 2007

Insatiable monster

This novel has now eaten most of the short stories I wrote back on '05 and earlier that were set in this world. To wit:

"Fear the Dark" got absorbed into F&S part 5: Nitsur and Mafileo's experiences in the Sun temple. Actually a piece of that story showed up earlier as the festival of the Boy in F&S part 4.

The hydrological/ecological motif from "On the Levee" is showing up throughout Spark of Sun, but it's the driving force behind SofS part 5 and will continue into part 6.

The fight scene at the end of "Riding the Sea Dragon" is going to feature prominently in Mafileo's duel with Waïlaraitēo, which will be either at the end of SofS 5 or somewhere in SofS 6 depending on the page count and action breaks.

I'm holding the line, insh'allah, this novel will not get to eat any part of the Raft People story. I want to save that one for later!

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