Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Getting my head back

So I finished the rough draft on the Solstice and rested through the weekend and Xmas Eve and Day. I feel more rested now than at any time in the last three months.

I never had any idea how tired writing could make me. Not that I didn't know it was hard work. But I had no idea how much life it could suck out of me. Luckily I seem to be recovering fast. I've even managed to write some more poetry.

Note to self: If I have a writing project of this length to do ever again, pace it slower and take more breaks. 2000+ WPD was sustainable for two months, but I wouldn't want to try to keep it up longer than that. Still, it was a good larval-mode, baptism-by-fire experience. And the product's not bad-- I think. I still have the editing to do.

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Bobbe Edmonds said...

Good work! Although, I decided early on not to break my neck at the pace. It really is WAY tiring, especially after you get on a five-hour streak and don't notice until your significant other comes in and says "Honey? Do you want me to save you a plate from dinner?"

DINNER? I just finished BREAKFAST only a few minutes...Oh. Whoops.

Now, to me, that's bad enough. So I take it a little slower.

That is, I guess, until start doing this full-time.