Saturday, November 3, 2007

Process comments

I've changed my mind. I now think 1667 is a reasonable short-term daily average even for a fully employed person. I managed it Thursday and Friday, and I wrote over 3000 words today. There may be days ahead when I can't make the goal, but I'm steadily accumulating overage-- I now have more than a full day's worth of overage.

That doesn't mean I get to skip a day. It means I can fall short if I have to.

Long-term sustainable might be different. I think it's clear that I won't be finished (that is, done with a first draft and ready to do serious editing) by the end of November. Can I keep up this pace long enough to finish the novel? Good question. I think at the end of November I may want to take a break.

But I'm recognizing the difference between free time and duration more and more. It feels as though I have to wait for things to actually happen (somewhere outside my head) before I can write them down. Or, for the words to be generated somewhere. Either way, I at least couldn't just sit down and write without stopping, no matter how much free time I had. There's a maximum number of words, or amount of story, or something, that I can output in one day, and at 1667 words I'm not close to it. At 3000, I'm pushing it.

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