Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stuff to do

Stuff to work on:
--languages, especially Kesseten and Wonei. I'm not going to Tolkien-like lengths, here, I'm really more interested in the mindsets behind the language, and enough personal and place names and other bits of vocabulary to give the reader a sense of the language.
--Woneiyal religion and art style
--sketch out the minor characters
--create a map of the Delta region

Update: I've made a good deal of progress on the first point. Names are accumulating and I've think I've developed an "ear" for both Ta'arane and Kesseten. Woneiyal is harder, but that's the nature of the language. Now the question is whether the "ear" I've developed translates into the hearing of the reader. Also have to figure out how to create diacriticals in OpenOffice word processor-- it shouldn't be too difficult. (NB: when posting excerpts, I'll have to create the HTML by hand. Bother.)

I've sketched out several minor characters, but there are more to come.

I need to try and find a nice map-making freeware.

I need to locate some good models for Woneiyal culture.

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